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Top Wedding Photo Trends in 2018

Being a Wedding Photographer in 2018 isn’t quite as simple as it was 20 years ago. There is all sorts of new technology, skills, and techniques that should be nurtured, and demanding shots Bride & Grooms have dreamed up. We’ve vetted the latest and greatest photo ideas and are bringing you the top wedding photo trends in 2018. You’ll be sure to capture every smile, provoke intrigue, and wow your B&G with these tips!

1. Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Looking for a more intimate ceremony? Removing cellphones and other photo devices from the ceremony is one of the latest trends for keeping ceremonies personal. The best way to get your guests to comply is by asking the DJ or officiant to request that guests refrain from taking photos prior to the ceremony starting. At the end of the day, you’ll get more natural photos of your guests and less shots of Uncle Bob’s phone covering the photographer’s POV in every shot.


2. Using Drones for Photography & Videography

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a drone…and it will take some of the coolest shots for you and your portfolio.  Drones offer a unique perspective on a wedding and can capture everything from family shots to location and scenery. This is a relatively new trend so make sure to do your proper research on drone pilots prior to hiring someone to join the team.  You’ll want to make sure that they are trained, licensed to fly (that’s correct…they have to have an actual aviation license), and have had experience shooting your proposed list of shots.

Here is a great resource on Wedding Drone Photography to get you started!


3. Teasers

It’s 8 AM after the morning of a big day and you’re sending the bride and groom their best shot with perfect editing. This image can also be one of your greatest networking wins.  Use teasers and sneak peek posts and images to encourage your B&G to post these shots, tag, and share with their community. Keeping the fun going after the party has ended will keep your customers happy, and more likely to order some prints and an extra album post-shoot!



4. Smoke Bomb Shots

Everyone wants amazing, unique, and creative wedding photos. One way to capture eye-popping pictures is to use smoke bombs. The dense, colorful smoke instantly adds depth to any photo, as well as a touch of excitement. Consider using Smoke Bombs (carefully) during an engagement shoot, as part of a send-off, or for a special wedding party shot!

Photo By Rachel Barkman

5. Focus On First Look

Seeing the bride before the wedding used to be a wedding faux pas, but this tradition has been transformed by the “First Look.” This first moment between a bride and groom, when the anticipation of their big day and the moment they first see one another, is known to be one of the most intimate and emotional. Capture this moment, and some additional pre and post “First Look” shots by adding the following to your shot list:

  • Opening Cards (just prior to first look)
  • Walking up
  • Before the reveal
  • During the reveal, possibly from two angles
  • After the reveal, as the couple prepares for the big ceremony
Photo by Marta Uranelis

6. Selfie Stations

Think you’ve seen it all? Try again. Selfie stations are the next craze to be taking over wedding receptions. This simple DIY photo-hack allows guests to take photos on their time, with their phones, with some fun and goofy accessories. As their professional photographer, this is also a great place to capture some truly organic moments of the guests, which the Bride and Groom will cherish.

Have a little extra fun and carry props around with you while you’re snapping up the dance floor, with the bridal party, or at the first look.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fun fabric or designed backdrop
  • 3 – 4 Selfie Sticks
  • Props (keep it simple!)
  • Phones

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