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How to: Photograph Fireworks Like A Pro

One of the most exciting and cool things to photograph in the Summer are fireworks. On a good clear night, they light up the sky with an amazing array of colors. Photographing fireworks and sparklers can give you a series of images unlike any other. With the 4th of July right around the corner, now is the time to prepare yourself for taking these amazing pictures. Here are the tips you need to photograph fireworks like a Pro!

Pick Your Spot

When it comes to photographing fireworks, location is your best friend. If you do not have a good spot, you may not get the results you want. First, do some research. find a Fireworks show to go to and make sure you know where they are setting them off from. After you have figured out where to go, get there early to set up. If you can, try and scope your spot in advance for the best shooting location. Chances are you are not the only person who has thought of setting up there. Do your best to beat the competition so that you get the best possible spot to take your photos. Also, make sure you are positioned upwind from the show. If you do not do this, you will catch smoke in the frame and your photos will come out hazy.Pick-Your-Spot

Pick Your Shot

As cool as fireworks are, taking pictures of them against nothing but a black sky is not all that exciting. Try adding other things in the shot to accompany the fireworks. A city skyline is a great choice if you can manage it. Think about shooting over a body of water if you are not in the city. The reflections from the fireworks off the water provide a very cool and unique look. If there isn’t anything at your disposal, consider layering your pictures onto others. For this, a blank sky littered with colorful fireworks is all you need.


Pick Your Gear

Having the right equipment with you will really help you out. A tripod is great for this sort of thing. Your shots will remain constant so nothing will change dramatically from shot to shot. It also helps to have a remote trigger. This way you won’t have to spend the entire time looking through the lens and you can enjoy some of the show. PLUS, using a remove will allow you to better anticipate the moment of explosion, which can always be a bit of a hit or miss. A wide-angle lens is a preferred choice, but if you find yourself further away from the show than anticipated, consider using a telephoto.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Pick Your Settings

This is vital. If you are going to have any success, you need to choose the right settings for your camera. Make sure you have the flash turned off as it won’t be necessary.  Set your camera to manual mode, and choose your shutter speed. Your shutter speed should be low. Start with a speed of around 1-2 seconds and change it accordingly. This way you will have plenty of different shots with different looks. You can sift through the ones you don’t like later, but it is good to experiment with a variety of settings to find what works best for you.


Pick Your Frame

Remember that what is in your frame will be what you capture, so make sure you’re prepared. Will you shoot landscape or portrait? Have you decided to include additional elements in your shot or no? Being prepared for your shoot comes down to these final details and decisions. So, pick your photo frame carefully, level and balance your tripod, watch your winds, and set sail!

Pick Your Print

What is better than having the perfect photo of Fireworks? Getting it printed on the most expressive, vibrant photo medium. We suggest going with a Metal Print. Why? Because metal will show the dynamic display of color on a material that is both glossy and bright, as well as saturated with color. We want to see more of your shots, so share them with us at #ArtsyCouture and they could be featured on our Website or on one of our social channels!


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