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Master Photography Lighting

Lighting can be overwhelming to explore if you’ve never tried it before or don’t have someone to show you first-hand. However, most portrait photography lighting techniques are not nearly as difficult as most people think. By using some simple tricks, a photo studio kit tools and a couple of basic accessories, you can get great results in no time. In fact, it’s arguably easier to use studio lighting than off-camera flash. Ready to master photo lighting?

Simple Studio Lighting Setup Tips:

Master Lighting - Studio Lighting

  • Light stands should be used to support your flash head and create the proper shadow and angle against a subject
  • Flash heads with a switchable slave, which enables one flash to be triggered by another, can be a great investment and time saver
  • Umbrella, or brolly, is the most standard accessory and is great for reflecting light into your subject – typically comes in white, silver or gold
  • A softbox, which is a little more sophisticated than a brolly, can create an even softer and more flattering light
  • Simple reflectors are extremely useful, especially if you’re using only one light source



Window Lighting Tips:

Master Lighting - Window Lighting

  • Turn off pop-up flash, which can cause dark shadows, washed out faces and red-eye
  • Stick with one light source and turn off all others (including indoor lighting)
  • Use large windows and open doorways to start for your natural lighting
  • Face subject towards open window source, with your back towards it for best lighting
  • Turn subject at a 45-degree angle to window to add depth and natural shadows
  • Check your catchlights, which should be reflecting off your subject’s eyes in a natural, warm way

Garage Studio Tips:

Master Lighting - Garage Lighting

  • Use backdrop stand and a roll of paper to create “studio” look
  • Place subject facing light source, with your back towards it for best lighting
  • The soft light will help with shadowing, but double check your catch-lights

Using Reflectors:

Master Lighting - Lighting

  • Bounce light from flash source onto subject, and eliminate shadows
  • Increase depth by adding a soft box of light to the left of the subject, creating a slight shadow on the right
  • Even light spread by adding a silver reflector to your softbox setup by placing on opposing side of your softbox light source
  • Warm a subject by using a gold reflector to your studio setup by placing on opposing side of your softbox light source

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