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5 Tips to Help Your Creative Vision

Being a professional photographer takes more than just dedication to your lens. It is important to find your own creative angle if your goal is to set yourself apart from others and build a dynamic portfolio. But, defining what that style and vision is can be difficult. We sat down with Professional Photographer Sarah Gupta to discover how she developed her own creative style and how others can aspire to develop their own as well. Here are her 5 tips to help your creative vision.

1. Shoot a lot, with as many frames as you can.

Shoot a variety of angles, adjust your focal point, and shoot some more. Change up your lighting, add some contrast, and shoot again. Notice how small adjustments can make a big impact. This will help you identify your best angles, sharpest lighting, and pain points that you need to work on.

2. Take classes and workshops from a variety of photographers.

It is important that you learn from a range of photographers even if your styles do not align. You will always take something away with each photographer, from their simple tricks and tips to their own creative vision. Take in other art mediums, like paintings and sculpture work. Study how the artist uses light and color to transform their artwork.

3. Choose a Mentor or photographer that you admire.

This individual should push you to become your best self without imposing their own creative style on your work. While copying styles can be flattering, it won’t help you define your own creativity.

4. Pay close attention to the world around you.

What are your tastes and preferences? What inspires you? This can include colors, patterns, locations or even seasons. When you understand the technical aspect of photography and parallel this with your passions, your visual voice will shine through.

5. Take as much time as you need, do not rush the creative process or compare yourself to others.

This world is saturated with visual creativity and it’s very easy to judge yourself against others. We all play the comparison game, but it’s important to remind yourself that you are your own person and offer a unique and different perspective.


Creating an artistic style in photography will help you to illustrate your professional skills with more than just images but photos that contain depth and meaning.

About the Author: Sarah Gupta, Sarah Gupta Photography


Sarah Gupta is an award winning and published portrait, child, family photographer from New York City & founder of Sarah Gupta Photography. Sarah’s work uses a blend of simple creative composition and natural light while capturing that story in your everyday. She strives to capture those candid moments where the emotion is authentic and paints a story for her to tell in your gallery of final images, using the art of photography to showcase an individual’s unique personality and true self.  Sarah became a Click Pro in 2017 and in 2018 became a Click & Company Mentor where she teaches both hobbyists and Professionals.



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