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Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Just because it’s getting colder outside does not mean the weddings stop. A Winter wedding is no less special, however employing different photographic strategies is necessary to coincide with the season. The harsher elements can be difficult to work with, but if done correctly, the end result is sure to be a thing of beauty.


You have to remember that the sun goes down much earlier this time of year. Opportunities to utilize the natural light are limited. Schedule the photo’s for some time in the late morning. Be cautious of what gear you use as well. If there is snow on the ground, the reflection off the snow might mess up your shots. Look for ways to counteract this.


It should go without saying to dress appropriately for the weather. Although the bride and groom might be happy to brave the elements, it does not mean you have to as well. If you are feeling cold, you will want to get inside, which will cause you to rush the shoot. Also make sure the lovely couple and anyone else you are shooting has something warm to put on in between pictures.


Take advantage of snow on the ground. The pure white ground makes any color stand out. If the bride or bridesmaids are wearing colored dresses, focus in on making that pop. Try to find other flashes of color to accentuate as well. Unfortunately, because Winter is a barren month finding these can be tricky to find. Do your best!

Black & White

Shoot some photos in black and white. The natural white of the snow contrasted with black makes for truly memorable images. Find a nice landscape to shoot your subjects against. The more that you can capture within the picture, the more the black and white contrast will stand out.

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