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2019 Back to School Photo Tips

Get your family and clients into the perfect frame of mind for back to school photos. These little highlights of milestones and momentous occasions will be cherished for years to come, so put a creative spin on this year’s start of school season. Here are some of our favorite clever photography tips for back to school photo shoots. 

  1. Use Props

Using fun props can help your student open-up to the camera and show off their personality. Some of our favorite props for back to school shoots include:

  • School Books
  • Apples
  • Pens + Pencils
  • Chalkboards + Letter Boards
  • Glasses
  • Globes
  • BackpacksBack-to-school-props
  1. Keep It Simple

You want your session to be easy, fun and expressive. Simple backgrounds will help highlight the subject. Adjust your angle slightly to add a creative look to the shot. The focus should always remain on your student’s personality and narrative.

  1. Get Your Gear

Children are always on the move. You need to be ready for anything, and that means fast lenses, on-the-go bags, and a quick shutter speed. 

  1. Have Fun with ColorBack-to-school-color

Kids like to get colorful. Let them express themselves with a few pops of color that can also help bring out facial expressions, add texture to the frame, and create a unique photo. 

  1. Shoot Lots Edit Little

Don’t focus on getting the perfect shot and angle. Take lots of quick images and sort through them later before you start editing. You’ll capture more raw moments and can create a series of expressions as your student gears of for learning. 

  1. Groups Are Good

Bring everyone together for a happy moment of celebration. This shot can be the most special of all. Find the right connection of excitement, anticipation, and newness that all your little ones are feeling in one frame. 



  1.  Take It to the Bus Stop

Waiting with your little one(s) for school transportation? Whether they are stepping onto a big yellow bus or riding a bike, capture the moment of departure. By capturing several frames you can make the moment come back to life later down the road. 


  1. Throw it Back

Stitch together several years of back-to-school shots into one panoramic photo. This makes for a fun reminder of how quickly our children grow and is a reminder of the special moment crossing into another school year.

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