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Ask Me Anything: Meg Bitton

Artsy Couture Featured Pro Meg Bitton‘s images are some of the most iconic in the industry today. What is it that makes her brand and her portraiture so unique? Read on to find out:


Q: How did you find your style, and how long did it take to create it?  – Timea B.


MB: I think my style and everyone else’s is ever-evolving. I think your focus is what is in front of you, so for me it was children for a long time. That is changing though, and will continue to.



Meg Bitton Portrait Photography



Q: What do you say to children to capture those soulful expressions? What are you asking from them? What do you tell them to do or think about? – Carolyn R.


MB: I do not say very much at all. When you sit quietly and observe, they forget you are there and that is when the magic happens.



Meg Bitton child photography



Q: What inspires you and how do you stay creative in this highly competitive industry?  – Timea B.


MB: I have a very strong drive and I get bored easily, so I keep very busy. Whether it is shooting, teaching, or managing my business, I am always full speed ahead.



Meg Bitton Q and A with Artsy Couture



Q: In post processing, do you use actions or do you edit by hand? How do you get your imagery so perfect? – Shelly G.


MB: I do not use any actions. Practice!!



Meg Bitton child photography



Q: How do you shoot in busy traffic without getting “in trouble” (or run over)? We don’t have a city like NYC near me, but it always amazes me to see images like that. – Sky V.


MB: Ah, well NYC has a lot more important things to worry about than me taking pictures. I was born and raised in NYC. It is where I am most comfortable.



Meg Bitton maternity photography



Special thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this installment of “Ask Me Anything!” Stay tuned for our next segment, coming up soon!



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