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How to Instill Trust in Your Photography Clients

Guest post from Erica T. from Vision of Seduction, an online community for professional boudoir photographers and their clients.



Looking online, we often see stories about how to attract new clients for our photography business. There is always some “click bait” story about what you can do to gain new clients or convert people you know into paying clients.



Throughout this whole process, however, one of the most overlooked elements that come into play is that of trust, especially for clients considering large, custom purchases.



Photographer and client at maternity photo shoot
Photo by Laurie Theriault Photography


Trust is the basis of most relationships, but it is also the foundation of business relationships; those between clients and service providers.  In this context, trust can be defined as the most basic level of understanding between a client and photographer.



Your clients want to be absolutely sure that your images will bring out the very best in them, that you will be on time and professional throughout the entire process, that you will handle their images with the utmost respect and privacy, and that they (and their family, children, and pets) will feel safe in your presence.



When a client trusts their photographer, not only will they exude confidence in their images, but they will also be more likely to use the photographer again and recommend the photographer to their friends and family. It will also show in whether your clients choose to order prints/products through you, the photographer, or on their own.



Here are some of the insights about trust in the photographer/client relationship we gained from a recent survey:



Building Trust with Photography Clients


Gaining their trust is a critical part of every successful photography business. So how do you instill trust in your clients and potential clients?



1. Be transparent.



Be upfront and honest with clients about your policies, procedures, and pricing. This requires you, the business owner, to be extremely organized, with clear processes, procedures, and contracts for your clients. Clients don’t ever want to feel like they’ve fallen victim to a “bait and switch” situation.



Why Prospective Clients Don't Hire Professional Photographers


If you cannot express the value of your products and services your clients or potential clients will not fill the void of what lacks in your presentation of your services. Never rely on your clients to determine the monetary value of what you offer. Everyone is always looking for a deal, so most likely clients won’t voluntarily pay you more for your services than you express your value to be.



2. Be authentic



Sincerity goes a long way when doing business with people. Do your clients see you as genuine? People can see an indignant reaction to a negative review or a long rant about a client that’s been posted to social media. Oftentimes, the intention behind what someone has written is interpreted differently by the reader. Be aware of how you represent yourself and your brand, and remember to choose your words with intention in this digital age.



Professional photographer and clients on site at photo shoot
Photo by Laurie Theriault Photography


3. Safety is Key.



Based on our survey, several of our respondents reported that safety was the single most important consideration when evaluating an experience with a photographer. Meeting clients for the first time in a public place, deciding up front whether or not their images will be used in advertising, explaining your privacy policy, maintaining professionalism in your communications, and refraining from pushing your clients to or buy things they aren’t comfortable with are only some of the ways you can make your clients feel safe with you.



When working for a client, the focus should be on making them comfortable, and on executing upon their vision, not yours.



Photography is a service business that relies on the basics of business and customer service. When you bring the very best YOU to a shoot, you can expect that your clients will notice. Remember the old saying “trust is earned not given.”


Vision of Seduction (VOS) is an organization dedicated to privacy and safety in boudoir photography. We believe boudoir can be an empowering experience for women, and we support that by providing a directory of photographers who have consented to a background screening. By recommending only photographers who have made a commitment to the principles of safety and privacy, and by partnering with companies whose mission is the same, we aim to promote a culture of professionalism within the boudoir community.


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