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Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers

Backdrops, camera straps, and photo props, oh my! We love supporting small businesses and women entrepreneurs, and there’s just no better place to do it than on Check out our photography team’s list of their 10 favorite shops for photogs, and share your own faves in the comments.


1. dropstudios: Professional photography backdrops


dropstudios // Photography Backdrops on Etsy // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


Dropstudios has been selling high quality (and super fun) backdrops for photographers since 2010, and their reviews have been consistently stellar. They have a great selection of patterns and sizes, and have an even better customer service team. These backdrops are perfect for studio photographers and for anyone offering photobooth services.


2. CoraBloom: Portrait photography props 


Photography props by CoraBloom // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


If you’re looking for adorable accessories that won’t cost an arm and a leg, look no further than CoraBloom. They’ve got some really cute inspiration on their Instagram feed, too! Our favorite accessory? This precious crown for newborns!


3. StudioLeiMomi: Camera bags


Premium camera bags from StudioLeiMomi // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


These camera bags are designed by female photographers, for female photographers, which makes a huge difference in the quality of the product. Although they’re based in Australia, some of their bags are available within one week in the US. These bags are a total “treat yourself” gift (read: a bit pricey), but they’re really worth every penny. Their amazing construction and thoughtful design makes them a shoo-in for any photographer’s holiday wish list. Our favorite option is the Alice bag in “Glittering Glamour.”


Looking for a more affordable option? Check out the perfectly preppy bags at JustGetPampered.


4. MacaronsandMimosas: Logos and branding


Logos and Branding for Photographers on Etsy // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


MacaronsandMimosas is about way more than logos; she provides tons of gorgeous branding pieces (web and print) for small business owners, including business card designs, Facebook timeline photos, and price lists. We just adore her modern, feminine aesthetic. Insider tip: Sign up for her newsletter, and you’ll receive some amazing freebies, like printable signs, a downloadable phone background, and a blog planning calendar for creatives.


5. Mugsby: Coffee mugs


Editing Day mug by Mugsby on Etsy // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


Behind every successful photographer, there is a strong cup of joe (or tea, or wine…we won’t judge). Mugs from Mugsby are so cute and well-designed, and we love how they celebrate #girlbosses, mompreneurs, and (of course) photographers. They offer mugs for every occasion (weddings, holidays, etc.), but our favorites are the ones with cameras!


6. SewTrendyAccessories: Maternity gowns


Handmade maternity gowns // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


We love that this shop offers a really strong selection of maternity gowns, and we’re blown away by their creativity! The high-quality, handcrafted nature of their work demands a premium price, but the pieces themselves can be worn again and again (for baby showers and special events). The team of women behind the scenes are amazing to work with, and they offer great promos on their Facebook page.


7. LoveGarlands: Balloons


LoveGarland Rose gold love balloon


This shop has the potential to be your absolute go-to for family, wedding, engagement, senior, and maternity shoots. They offer spherical, 36″ balloons in lots of classy colors, plus trendy metallics like this scripted “love” balloon. Want to get personalized? Metallic “letter” balloons are just $2.50 each. They also sell funky tastle balloon tails, which we’ve totally bookmarked for our own birthday parties.


8. TetherStraps: Camera straps


Camera straps by TetherStraps // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


These timeless, classic camera straps are made right here in the USA, and are made with fabulous care and precision. Plus, if you order more than one at a time, shipping within the US is totally free. Our favorite design from TetherStraps is the Hilo Hawaiian design, which is perfect for laid back shoots at the beach.


Looking for a non-leather option? Check out the stylish scarf camera straps at TheVintageClothespin and the dozens of colorful options by adivaand3dudesdesign.


9. ABannerAffair: Signs and banners


Custom wedding banner by ABannerAffair // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


With almost 100 different banner choices for weddings alone, ABannerAffair is the perfect place to find those trendy banners popping up in portraits everywhere. Since most of them sell for $20 or less, they’re easy to purchase for clients as a souvenir from their session, but durable enough to reuse over and over again. Try one of their festive holiday-themed banners for your upcoming holiday mini-sessions!


10. SunriseLaneCo: Apparel


Tshirts for photographers by SunriseLaneCo // Top 10 Etsy Shops for Photographers


Featuring positive mantras for photographers and business owners, these tees from SunriseLaneCo are, put simply, amazing. They even have a “Boss Babe in Training” tshirt for your little helpers! Their shop description indicates that they provide bulk discounts for photography workshop organizers, which we totally love. They’re relatively new to the Etsy scene, but we can’t see what they’ll come up with next!


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