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Artsy’s Favorite Photo Editing Applications

iPhone Editing Apps.



Captivate your viewers, expand your brand and grow your editing skills faster than ever!  Technology has been an enormous driver in the development of our photo enhancement and graphic design capabilities.  But with all the applications and tools available, how do you decipher which are the best to download, use or, (gasp!) purchase for photo editing?



We’ve run the gamut on photo apps., take it from us there are plenty that will be a huge waste of time and money, but there are a few standout photo editing and image enhancement applications that you can use on your phone and tablet.  The following applications have been game changers for the fast-paced social world, creating visually compelling content you need to grow a business.




Camera+ Phone ApplicationCamera+ is one of our favorite photo editing apps. Available.   The in-application point and shoot feature offers a high-quality photo, with little to no experience needed.  But what is truly special about this application is the post-production options available.  You have the ability to auto-correct a photo based on the subject, or manually adjust the raw footage.  “The Lab” function is professional grade, with the ease of editing at your fingertip (literally).  If you’re looking for a no frills, professional photo editing tool, Camera+ is your go-to.




Aviary Phone ApplicationAviary is an all-in-one photo editing and content creation application.  Take a dull photo and create an instagram ready post in minutes.  You can choose from a wide range of filters and effects.  You can auto-enhance any image, add sharpness and vibrancy, then place a border and descriptive text all without having to save and load the same photo after each filter or edit.  We also love the stickers, frames and overlay options that are available for you to play with.  You can install dozens of creative and playful themes to add an extra POP to your photos as well.




FaceTune Phone ApplicationWant to quickly correct blemishes, smooth wrinkles and match skin tones?  FaceTune will be your new best friend.  This application was first introduced to us as a replacement for photoshop and it has not disappointed.  FaceTune has taken the portrait editing game to a whole new level.  But the best part about this application is the ability to use on more than just faces.  Get creative with your editing, try the patch and reshape tools to create a truly unique visual effect.  Clean-up a photoshoot blemish with white-out.  The opportunities to edit in FaceTune are endless, and we strongly suggest the 1-time purchase.




Many marketing associates have used Canva in it’s native website platform, but the iPad application has amplified Canva Phone Applicationour love for this marketing content wizard.  Want a quick Facebook or Instagram post?  No problem, Canva offers a HUGE selection of templates, fonts and visual add-ons for free.  Like many adobe products, you can create a series of images and content with the same template, simply changing out the background or focal point.  Additionally, you can get your whole team involved and create a company account to share and edit your photos without having to save and send.  Our turnaround time for flyers and other simple marketing materials has been dramatically reduced thanks to the simple drag and drop features in Canva.  If you have tried it yet, you’re truly missing out.




Clips Phone ApplicationEver wonder how so many bloggers can create time lapse video with just a series of photos?  Clips is the newest application in the photo editing world that brings this feature to your fingertips.  What makes this application stand-out above the rest is that you can add as many photos and videos to the same reel.  Clips, an Apple product, was designed to be free and useful.  To be fair, it does lack some customization tools that you get with a true video editor, but if you just want to create a series of clips and photos to post on social media, this is your tool.




There are so many photo and video editing applications available.  Here are some of our honorable mentions:


Do you have a favorite application that you want to share?  Comment below or shoot us a message at  We are always looking for new, innovative ways to enhance the visual experience of photography!


Happy editing!


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