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Filter Through the Best Filters

Instagram filters have become a part of every day life. Every time you open up Instagram, you are bound to find photos enhanced by the use of a filter. Filters are a great tool because they help make your Instagram moment truly look perfect. When the lighting isn’t quite right, just put your filter of choice on and let the likes roll in. Here are a few of our favorites that you might want to use next time.


The Ludwig Filter is best used when red or orange are prevalent in the photo. This filter will brighten the red hues while toning down other colors to make an eye popping image. This is a great filter to use for floral designs especially with the warm weather approaching.

ludwig filter


The first filter you’ll see in your selection process, Clarendon is a go to for any photo. Clarendon will create a contrast that brings brighter highlights while cooling down darker parts of the photo. This filter makes things just look more vibrant and alive without making anything seem unnatural.

Clarendon filter

X-Pro II

This filter is best used for when you really want the colors in your photo to pop. X-Pro II offers the most extreme contrast among you filter options. This filter makes dark colors and shadows even more dramatic while boosting the vibrancy of any bold colors in the photo. It won’t make for the most natural looking Instagram, but it is sure to get you some likes.

xpro filter


This filter is fun because it has a somewhat opposite effect as the others. Gingham makes everything in the photo a little more dull than in reality. This creates a vintage feel to the photo, almost as if it were taken on a Polaroid.

gingham filter


The Lo-fi is great for intensifying any photo. By adding shadow and increasing saturation, this filter promises to create a dramatic feel. It will look like it was painted right onto your screen.

lo-fi filter


Black and white photos are classic. At any era of photography, black and white photos have been present and with Instagram making it so easy to create them, they’re growing in popularity. There are several black and white options, but Inkwell does the best job of creating a sharp contrast. The finished product will look clean and professional.

inkwell filter


If you find your photo falling a little flat in the brightness department, Lark is the perfect choice. This filter turns up the brightness just enough to make the colors stand out and bring a little more life to the photo. It’s great for outdoor shots when the lighting isn’t exactly perfect.

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