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4 Tips to Master Holiday Season Sales

The holidays can be the most hectic, time-intensive period for Professional Photographers.  While most families are getting their holiday decorations ready and gifts under the tree, we know first-hand how seasonal planning can make or break a business’ seasonal sales.  How can you make the most of the last few weeks in the holiday season and still have some special time for yourself?  Read more on our 4 Tips to Master Holiday Season Sales:

1. Plan Strategically

If you read our previous blog, 7 Quick Wins to Maximize Holidays, you already know that we’re BIG on planning.  When finishing out the season, it is important to set priorities for the rest of the year, planning for not just deadlines but also for important dates like school break and holiday events.  

Finalize your holiday planning with a greeting to your clients.  Sending a thank you note or holiday card from your business is a great way to add value to your relationships and create lasting customers.  You can also encourage last-minute sessions and print incentives if you’re feeling ambitious!


2. Set Deadlines

By this point, you should already know when your favorite printers have set their deadlines for mailing.  For example, Artsy Couture offers shipping methods for various deadline needs so you can satisfy orders later in the month.

Know the last date that you need revisions or edits back from your customers in order to get their prints ready in time for the holidays.

Give yourself a break and add in a few buffer days for you to complete projects, get orders out the door and find a moment (or two) to enjoy a few deep breaths!

View Artsy Couture Ordering Deadlines.


3. Upsell Simply

Once you have finalized your holiday packages, which should be simplified for your busy season, you may find it worthwhile to prepare easy upsell items that can be ordered last minute.  Practice up-selling these products during your sales meetings, photoshoot previews, and new client onboarding.

Additionally, pairing limited holiday specific products with a special discount is a recipe for a great, streamlined sale. Check your preferred lab for seasonal sales, which can help you determine the best products to sell for a lower cost. Win-win!


4. Be Efficient and Effective

Time management is the most important tool to help cut costs and push production of your holiday sessions.  It is imperative to work effectively, not harder, during the busy season.  To do this, you’ll want to make sure you adhere to the following work practices:

  • Start with “Lightroom” edits
  • Edit only the photos you sell
  • Batch Process
  • Set deadlines for Customers
  • Get comfortable saying “no” to clients
  • Prepare for your sales meetings by making product suggestions and mock-ups to save decision-making time and edits

With all the stress’ of the holiday season imposed on your life and business, the last thing you need to be worrying about is changing your sales tactic mid-season. Instead, plan ahead, set deadlines, make up-selling easy and be efficient with your time.  These four tips will help your business close out the season and sales with a BANG!  




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