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Meet Artsy’s Featured Pro Photographers


Artsy Couture’s Featured Pro Photographer program aims to leverage professional and amateur photographer’s skills, provide a platform for building a business, and further develop necessary techniques to grow within an ever-expanding visual world.  Here are a few of our notable team members:


Ute-Christin Photography

Ute has been a remarkable member of the Pro Photographer team, with contributions including blog posts, exclusive interviews and a beautiful array of photography.  Ute specializes in newborn and maternity photography.  She has won several awards, including [Spark] Top 10 Photographers, Weekly Favorite on Beyond the Wanderlust, and accolades from NAPCP and Click Pro.  She also created a wonderful series of milk bath images that have become a crowd favorite on the Artsy Couture website.

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Photography by Jen Davis

Jen Davis has been an integral part of the Featured Pro Program since her start in 2017.  Not only has she worked with us on exclusive product reviews but has also added stunning photography to the Artsy gallery.  Jen is also a member of NAPCP, has been featured on Let the Kids Dress Themselves, In Beauty & Chaos, and Light Inspired Forum.  We are excited to see what is in store for Jen in 2018!


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Coffy Creations Photography

Isaac Coffy is a skilled Senior photography who proactively teaches and trains professional photographers to grow their business.  He has brought countless workshops and training sessions to the field, and has worked with Artsy to help develop new blog content for professional photographers and business’.  Thank you, Isaac, and your team at Coffy Creations, for being a model Pro!

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Artsy Featured Pro Photographers are an essential part of the Artsy Community.  We are delighted and honored to work with such talented individuals and artists.  Check back to see more highlights from this year’s team and the future of Artsy Couture’s Featured Pro Photographer team!


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