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Best Mobile Photo Tips for 2018

How do you capitalize on your favorite accessory?  Some would argue that mobile phone cameras’ capabilities have surpassed those of expensive DSLR cameras, with their in-device applications and easy editing tools. No matter what you use to take your photos, the most important element of a beautiful photo is the person behind the lens. Learn how you can take truly inspiring photos with just the tap of a finger.  To create a truly compelling image using your cell phone, you’ll want to read on. Here are our Best Mobile Photo Tips for 2018!

AC Blog_Rule of Thirds

1.Popular Techniques.  

Let’s start with the easiest tools to get you on the road to a rad shot.  Here are some simple tips you can immediately use:

  • Use diagonals, either organically or by tilting your phone
  • Follow the “Rule of Thirds”
  • Turn on the Grid
  • Frame your photo, not the subject, and consider shooting in square to see how it will show on social platforms like Instagram.

2. Lighting.  

Lighting is a critical piece of any photo.  To properly utilize the phone’s functionality, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Exposure – Look for things like good cloud coverage and your angle to the sun.
  • Shadows
  • Reflections – They will deepen blues and darks, giving you more of a striking effect in your reflection.  Try and get the entire reflection in your shot, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Sky Feature – Use a flash to enhance a darker foreground image while still getting details of the background by using a fill flash.

3. Lock It In.  

What does this mean?  On your phone, you should have the ability to lock your focus and exposure right on the screen as you take a photo.  Look for the AE/AF LOCK function to set your focus and exposure on the right subject, so regardless of your moving and light shifts, you’ll still get the same great shot!

4. Get to Great Places!  

This is a no-brainer, but we thought we’d mention it just to be sure.  When taking a photo, specifically for a photo shoot that will be used professionally, you’ll want to make sure you have taken care of the surroundings of your subject carefully.  Consider the following:

  • Color – What is the effect you are going for?  Do your colors compliment one another or provide a good contrast?
  • Nature and surroundings – Having a creative landscape for your shot is key to capturing your audience.  Consider where you are shooting, what is around your subject and the lighting you’ll have to manage.
  • Props – These can be fun or flirty, or not necessary at all.  However, props can add a level of detail to your photo that you may desire.
  • People – How are you focusing the frame on your subjects?  Keep this in mind when you’re building out a shot
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5. Shooting Tips

  • HDR – HDR is a filter and shooting option that will allow you to get a significant amount more lighting and detail in your shot.  HDR works by taking multiple exposures of one image and flattening together, which works wonderfully for great scenery and nature.  However, be forewarned HDR isn’t always favorable for people.
  • Selfies – Want to take a quicky?  Ask Siri to “Take a selfie”, she’ll open RIGHT up!  You may also swipe to the right from your home screen without unlocking and you’ll be able to shoot without unlocking the screen.
  • Go Stealthy – One of our favorite and final tips is using your headphones.  A commonly forgotten feature is the ability to snap a photo with ease using your plugged-in headset.  Simply ‘adjust the volume’ and you’ll be taking burst shots in stealth mode without anyone ever noticing.

6. Fun Tricks

  • DIY Macro Lens – Put a small drop of water on the lens of your phone’s camera,  creating a type of macro lens and bring very small objects into focus. It’s tricky to get right, but the results can be impressive!
  • Panoramic drive-by – Most smartphones come with some sort of stock panorama function that allows you to capture wide scenes by stitching together various images as you move your camera. While these are designed to be used by one person standing in one place, you can also make them work from the window of a moving vehicle, just hold it steady and point it out the window. (Only do if you’re the passenger!)
  • Stay OUT of Focus – An out of focus background (or foreground) will give your photo the professional quality that you may have been lacking.  This is especially true when taking photos of a specific subject like a friend or feline, or a crafty cocktail that you spent $20 on. Try out the portrait mode and mess around with the editing features in Instagram to blur your background.

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