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Wedding Trends to Watch in 2019

From pink bridal gowns to Marie Kondo-inspired receptions, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for weddings. We’re anticipating vibrant celebrations to be in vogue and the love affair for modern, restrained aesthetics to grow in popularity. 

If you’re planning to tie the knot, plan for, or shoot a wedding in 2019, here are some fresh ideas to rouse your creativity and inspire. 

Colorful Minimalism


Minimalism is not just about black and white. 

As one of the wedding trends to watch in 2019, there’s a growing emphasis on clean lines, unique textures and unexpected decorative touches – including splashes of color. 


Front Room Photography | Dynamic Events by David Caruso | Milwaukee Art Museum

According to BBJ Linen, you see pops of vivid color as a contrast to muted or neutral color schemes. Think of eye-catching table overlays with tropical prints. Also, pink and teal velvet napkins and runners that add texture without veering from the less is more philosophy.

Pink is The New White



Most brides dream of walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress. There are a few, however, who choose to break tradition and opt for something different: a pink gown. 

While a vibrant red or bold blue are more daring than usual, the pink wedding dress is a favorite among designers, and celebrities. It is great for brides who want something decidedly modern, without becoming too much of a novelty. 

Whether it’s a faint shade of pastel color, or a hue of ombre rose, pink gowns are becoming all the rage in weddings. It’s simply fun, fresh, and feminine.

Sustainable is Romantic

Amanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions

Weddings aren’t exactly known to be eco-friendly – what with all the plastic packaging, food wastage, and for some, the fireworks. Nevertheless, more and more couples are opting for green weddings that are sustainable and fabulous at the same time. 

This year, expect more people adopting “green” ideas for their big day, including using tree-free paper for invitations, opting for reusable bamboo flatware, choosing dried flowers for bouquets and decors, and giving cool, eco-friendly wedding favors to guests.

Unique Table Centerpieces

Reva Nathan & Associates | Bob and Dawn David Photography

If Marie Kondo is your spirit animal and you’re going for a decluttered bare-bones approach, a unique table centerpiece is vital for balance. 

For 2019, expect to see minimalist weddings focus on bold and unexpected décor: think of geometric candle holders and terrariums as wedding reception centerpieces, or cool DIY items as accent pieces that add a personal touch to the occasion. Plus, they are also great conversation starters.

Comeback of Throwbacks


People love nostalgia, and one of the wedding trends we anticipate this year is digging into the past for inspiration. 

Victorian-themed vintage weddings are timeless, recalling the elegance of an era that emphasizes class and grace. Expect to see more ceremonies with floral china, textured linens, Fleur-de-lis decorations, and satin and lace gowns. 

Also on the list: Art-deco inspired weddings. We’re excited to see black and gold-gilded accents, chevron patterns, vintage headpieces, and champagne towers as couples take a page from The Great Gatsby. It’s a trendy throwback style that unabashedly oozes with glamour and elegance.

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