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Wedding Photography Composition Tips

Wedding season is here! It is time to think about how to style your shoots for your clients. These are the mementos of the best day of their lives so it is important that you do your best to portray it as such. Here are a few ways you can up your wedding photography game this summer.


Pro Tip #1: Angles

Experiment with different angles. Different shots each offer their own interesting look. For example, shooting from a balcony during the ceremony offers a whole new perspective and creates some very cool images. If you cannot find a balcony or lofted position, there are plenty of other angles to work with. Do not be afraid to get creative.

Rooted Love Photography Wedding

Pro Tip #2: Symmetry

The use of symmetry in photography creates a very distinct look. Symmetry can be tricky to tackle. If your angle is even slightly off, it will throw off the whole balance of the shot. It may be useful to employ a tripod to keep the angle steady and avoid shooting the same shot over and over. Good spots to try these shots might be a garden, a fountain, the entrance to the venue, or the ceremony itself. To enhance the symmetry and make for a more powerful shot, keep the subjects of the picture in symmetrical poses to each other.

Rooted Love Photography Wedding

Pro Tip #3: Be Sneaky

Weddings are a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate. Some of the best shots you can get are of those celebrations. Try to get as many candid shots as possible. Try tucking away from the main action and get people in their natural state, dancing, drinking, and conversing. Doing this will add variety to your shots and make the memories feel more real for your clients. Your clients will also get scenes from the wedding that they might not have been able to see otherwise.

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Pro Tip #4: Posing

It is important to remember that your bride and groom are most likely not models. For that reason, you should know what poses to put your subjects in. Getting people to pose correctly is probably one of the more difficult parts of shooting weddings. Have patience and understand how much of a difference it will make for the finished product. It is nice to try new poses here and there, but try to avoid doing anything out of anyone’s comfort zone. This is their special day and you do not want to do anything to take away from that.

Wedding Pose

Pro Tip #5: Changing Focus

Another cool thing you can try is changing focus. Use focal points that stand out and make them the complete center of attention by blurring the rest of the shot. This creates an artistic look that stands out from the others and really centers on what is most important. One example could be a shot of the bride and groom on the dance floor. Obviously the focal point is the lovely couple. Put the focus of your camera solely on them. The result will be an intimate scene between husband and wife that they are sure to love.

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