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How to Create the Most Photo-Friendly Wedding Reception

Bringing to life a Pinterest-worthy wedding is easier said than done. After all, great photographs do more than just capture a moment – they communicate it to the viewer.

When it comes to wedding receptions, translating the celebration into amazing photos largely depends on the decoration. Inspired and well-thought of décor breathes life to an affair, and they also give your photographers – and smartphone-toting guests – opportunities for dramatic shots. Here are some ways you can create a photo-friendly wedding reception.

Urban Meets Rustic


Amanda Megan Miller Photography – Lola Event Productions

In photography, contrast adds dimension. Go for an industrial chic wedding reception in a loft or a warehouse while opting for a rustic table setting. Venues with brick walls are perfect as they make for a photo-friendly backdrop.

Then, bring warmth to your tablescape in an otherwise cold environment by adding rustic elements. For your tables, think of layered fabrics which evoke windswept hills or the ocean waves.
Place flowers – like hollyhock or gladiolus – in old milk bottles or tin watering cans – make for an instantly Instagrammable centerpiece. According to BBJ Linen’s article about rustic wedding ideas, textured, to-the-floor linens may also be paired with wood, copper, or tin chargers for added elegance.

Patterns, shapes, and lines

A minimalist wedding reception banks on geometric shapes, clean lines, and neutral colors for a visually-soothing aesthetic. Opt for geometric candleware or sculpted light fixtures in rose gold, metallic, or black and white accents for your table.

Pair them with simple flower arrangements – single blooms, or even succulents – housed in terrariums or placed in flower vases of varying heights. For your table linens, sheer white fabrics complement grainy, textured wooden tables while overlays with graphic prints can make for more dazzling compositions and intriguing photographs.

Create a memorable centerpiece


Reva Nathan & Associates | Bob and Dawn David Photography

Chances are many photos taken at the wedding reception will be of guests on their tables. This makes it important to create memorable tablescapes that can make a photographer’s job easier.

For a truly dramatic table arrangement, try a vintage-inspired reception décor with a modern twist. Use metallic-toned fabrics with vintage rhinestone accents to drape tables, and pair them acrylic chairs for a look that harkens back to the Twenties. Crystal candle holders make for a simple yet stunning piece to enhance your wedding reception. But don’t forget to keep the tableware understated – thin, gold-rimmed dinner plates and silver cutlery tied up without overdoing the accents.

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