Spotlight: 2019 Class of Featured Pro Photographers

We’re continuing our Spotlight on the Class of 2019 Feature Pro Photographers with the next five amazing creative minds that are joining our community.

 1. Elise Cellucci 

Elise Callucci-Yawning Baby

 2. Candice Berman Photography

Candice Berman-Baby Bear

 3. Christy Odom Photography

Christy Odom- Kids at the Beach

 4. Stephanie West Photography

Stephanie West-Lake Hopping

 5. Vanessa Guzzo Photography

Vanessa Guzzo-Girl With Lollipop

Thank you to all of our amazing applicants, customers, professional photographer friends, and supporters. Artsy Couture would not be the print lab it is today, after almost a decade in business, if it weren’t for the dedicated and hard-working team that makes the Artsy Couture family. We’re delighted to continue our Featured Pro Program and encourage all to apply our NEW rolling application.


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