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Wall Decor: The Difference in Your Options

You’ve done it. Finally, you found the perfect image to hang on your wall. You go to your favorite printing site and realize there are a lot of wall decor options to choose from. What is the best option for your photo and space? It can be confusing when trying to decide which method of printing to use. Many photo printing sites offer similar options such as Canvas Wraps, Artsy Couture exclusive Gallery Wraps, and Metal Prints. But, what the difference is between these options? Each wall decor choice has their own advantages and drawbacks and it is important to know them before making your final decision.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas Wraps are one of the most popular printing options. One of the great things about canvas is its durability. Unlike a photo printed on paper, a photo printed on canvas can survive a bit more wear and tear. The colors will not fade as easily and cleaning the canvas is as easy as wiping it down with a damp cloth. Canvas also provides a more traditional look to your wall decor. If you are looking to make a wall collage, a canvas is one of the best options, but it also looks great as a stand-alone. The canvas option offers a bit of versatility while being classic and reliable.

Wall Decor-5


Gallery Blocks

The company you choose to print with determines your choice of paper with which to make your Print Wraps. At Artsy, we offer our print wraps on Kodak Endura Metallic Photographic Paper. Once you decide which paper style to use, the print is stretched over a wooden frame much like a Canvas Wrap. While Print Wraps may not be quite as durable as canvas, they do provide vivid color that is sure to bring life to any wall. This wall decor option also works very well when creating a wall collage. Between Canvas and Print Wraps, it really comes down to which one you think is more aesthetically pleasing.



Metal Prints

The most vibrant of wall decor options is the Metal Print. Metal Prints provide some of the most vivid colors on a lightweight aluminum base. They are great for anyone looking for a more modern touch. Metal Prints work amazingly as a standalone, making them the perfect focal point for any wall. However, like the other options, there are several drawbacks to Metal Prints. For one, they are more susceptible to fading, so keeping them out of direct sunlight is an important aspect to consider. Metal Prints are also vulnerable to scratches on the surface and, if not handled correctly, can be bent out of shape. Despite this, Metal Prints provide a look that cannot be as easily achieved through other options.

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When it comes to choosing how you want your photos printed, it is really all about preference. Think about what look works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things either. You might be surprised how much you like something once you have seen it with your own eyes.

 About the Author: Sam DiStefano

Sam is the marketing intern at Artsy Couture. Sam graduated from Goucher College, where he studied English and Communications. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where he loves being outside, hiking, and enjoying the local food scene that Baltimore has to offer.

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