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Great Gift Ideas for Dad This Father’s Day

What do you get for the man who has everything? Finding the perfect gift for dad has always been a difficult task, and chances are he does not want another tie. This Father’s Day, get dad something meaningful. Here are some great gift ideas to think about this Father’s Day.

1. Metal Prints

Give him something that he can keep at his work desk or at home. Artsy metal prints come in sizes small enough to sit comfortably on a desk while also displaying a favorite picture. You can also get him a big one that he can hang on his wall. Choose pictures that will make it extra special for him.



2. Gallery Stand

Another great photo keepsake he can keep on his desk. Gallery Stands make it easy to display his favorite pictures without needing a frame. Select a custom design or wrap your entire image on these archival-quality gifts. Plus, they’ll stand out more than just a regular picture in a frame and are something he will never get tired of looking at.



3. Special Gift Card

Let him pick something he really wants from his favorite spot! Of course, may we suggest Artsy Couture? We now offer completely digital gift cards so you can let him pick his favorite keepsake with easy inbox delivery!



4. Take Him Shopping

Let him decide what to get. Take him to his favorite store and pick up the bill. Not only is this a great gift, but you also get to spend some quality time with dad. He will love getting to pick out his own present and love even more that you are there with him.

5. The Perfect Gadgets

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift, check out some of these amazing finds from NY Magazine. From a MiniPresso to Cubii Pro, you can find a whole LIST of fun items he’ll get a kick (and some use) out of.



However you decide to celebrate dad this Father’s Day, don’t forget the most important, 3-word phrase: I Love You. This will go a long way in his heart and can’t be bought or made. Happy Shopping!

Thank you Organic Grace Photography for the use of your photography in this blog article!

About the Author: Sam DiStefano, Artsy Couture

 Sam is the marketing intern at Artsy Couture. Sam graduated from Goucher College, where he studied English and Communications. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where he loves being outside, hiking, and enjoying the local food scene that Baltimore has to offer.



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