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What's New

Professional Print Wraps, formerly known as Gallery Blocks is the product that placed Artsy Couture on the map. Same process, same material, same amazing product just with a new name! Premium and professional metallic paper adhered to wood which is than completed by our proprietary machinery to create those "picture perfect" 90° corners. Professional Print Wraps are available in an array of single sizes or choose from 5 different Floating Image Wrap layouts. With these you can display multiple photos that will appear to be "floating" over a larger backboard. To find out more information & pricing on Professional Print Wraps, please click here.


Single Image Wraps

  • Love our Canvas Gallery Wraps? Then you’ll absolutely love this alternate option! Give your clients another high-end, wall dcor option for them to display.

Image Wrap Sets

  • Want to give your clients a little something extra? Display 3 *different* photos when ordering a set! Choose from our four smaller sizes to make a big statement!

Floating Image Wraps

  • Choose from our 5 different and unique multi-piece floating layouts where you can display numerous images on one piece of wall art.

*We have retired a handful of floating gallery blocks and templates, please see list below for retired layouts and designs.

  • -The Centerpiece
  • -The Focal Point
  • -The Invite Right
  • -The Name Plate
  • -The Standout
  • -The Picture Frame
  • -The Top of the line
  • -The Classic Two
  • -The Double 10x10
  • -The Double Take
  • -The Scrapbook
  • -The Stacking 10x8
  • -The Stacking 10x10
  • -The Name Grid
  • -The Storybook
  • -The Tic Tac Toe
  • -The Triple Threat
  • -The Block Party
  • -The Ferris Wheel
  • -The Film Strip
  • -The Party of Five
  • -The Quad
  • -The Hexabox
  • -The Royal Panes
  • -The Center of Attention Mini
  • -The Center Stage Mini
  • -The Invite (right) mini
  • -The Triple 8x8 mini
  • -The Quad Mini