How do I place an order?

Please sign up for an account with us by clicking here and downloading our ROES ordering software to begin placing your order.

If you already have an account with us, please sign into your account here and download our ROES software to place an order.


What file guidelines does your ordering software (ROES) require?

Our ordering software will only read JPEG or non layered TIFF files that are saved as SRGB and not CMYK. We are happy to provide you with our ICC profile. Please contact info@artsycouture.com.

Please be mindful when naming your files/photos. Please keep file names to a maximum of 25 character limit. Any file name that exceeds a 25 character limit requires a manual process which will lengthen normal turnaround times. Also, NO special characters, except hyphens (-) or underscores (_).

We highly recommend that your files are sized at 300 DPI. This will guarantee that your files will print at a high resolution.


Can anyone order from Artsy Couture?

Artsy Couture was created for professional photographers and we only market to photographers. However, you do not need to submit a tax ID or studio website to sign up for an account.


Can I cancel my order?

If you opted out of Color Corrections, your order is automatically processed and starting to print so we are unable to cancel your order. If you ordered with Color Corrections, you have 15 minutes during business hours to call and cancel your order.


Where can I track my order?

Through My.Artsy, you can view your order history, track your orders and view billing. If you are unsure of your account number and/or password, please contact us at info@artsycouture.com.


What are your turnaround times*?

Canvas Gallery Wraps: 5-7 business days Professional Prints**: 1-2 business days Print Wraps (formerly known as Gallery Blocks): 5-7 business days Press Cards:3-4 business days Mounting Options: 2-3 business days Custom USB Drives: 2-3 business days (unless combined with custom box) Custom Presentation Boxes: 3-4 business days Cube Décor: 5-7 business days Canvas Photo Books: 3-4 business days **please note that there is a $10 minimum print order on prints Please note: these estimates DO NOT include transit days.



Can I combine Product Catalogs in ROES?

Unfortunately, at this time, our ordering system does not allow you to combine product catalogs. If you would like to order multiple product lines, you will need to place separate orders.


Do you offer color corrections?

We have professional color correction specialists that take a look at your images when you choose the color correction option. They will adjust for the best skin tones, and then check the contrast, density, lightness and darkness. Color corrections are recommended unless you’re on a calibrated monitor using our ICC profiles. If you’re not calibrated, what you see on your screen may not be what we see on ours. Our color corrections are also guaranteed, so if you’re ever unsatisfied, we will reprint to your specifications.


Do you offer drop shipping?

When ordering Prints, Custom Presentation Boxes, Custom USB Drives and Press Cards, you will have the option to drop ship the order directly to your client. This guarantees that your order will be shipped with a non-branded packing slip and will NOT include the invoice. All of our other products are always shipped with a non-branded packing slip and without the order invoice. This is the reason you will not see a drop ship option when placing your order for Canvas Gallery Wraps, Gallery Blocks, Cube Décor, and Canvas Photo Books.

Customer Service


How can I contact Artsy Couture?

You can call our customer service line at 1.855.278.7926 between the hours of 10 am -5pm (est) from Monday thru Friday. You can also email us at info@artsycouture.com.



I'm having trouble downloading the ROES order software—what should I do?

Make certain the latest version of Java has been downloaded by visiting http://java.com/en/. If you are working on a PC, check first to see if any old versions of Java remain. Remove any outdated versions of the program by going to your Control Panel, then Uninstall Programs and Update Java if needed.


My order isn’t going through- what should I do?

If you are on a work computer, there can be firewalls which may block uploads from outside programs. Unfortunately there is no work around for this issue other than to find a secure connection, such as a home computer. If this is a home computer, you may need to temporarily disable ANY anti-virus software you have running. (Examples are AVG, Avast!, Norton, McAfee.)



What are the 2016 holiday shipping deadlines?

View 2016 holiday shipping deadlines here.


Do you accept rush orders?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept rush orders. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Do you deliver outside of the Continental United States?

If you currently live outside of the United States, please contact us directly at info@artsycouture.com and we’d be happy to supply you with a custom shipping quote.


What do you charge for shipping on each product?

Canvas Gallery Wraps: $7.50 + 5% of order total Professional Prints: $4.95 or if order is over $75, shipping is FREE Print Wraps (formally known as Gallery Blocks): $7.50 + 5% of order total Press Cards: $4.95 Mounting Options: $4.95 excluding Bamboo, which is $7.50 + 5% of total Custom USB Drives: $4.95 Custom Presentation Boxes: $4.95 Gallery Stands: $7.50 plus 5% of order total Cube Décor: $7.50 plus 5% of order total Canvas Photo Books: $7.50 plus 5% of order total


What if I live in Canada—what is my shipping cost?

Prints: $25 All other products: $17.50 plus 5% of order total