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Choose a Mounting option for your Prints that will support them over time.

If you are planning to frame your Prints, adding a Mounting option prior to placing them in frames ensures that no bending or bowing occurs over time. Mounting keeps Prints perfectly positioned! Great Mounting options for framing are Single and Double Weight Matboard and Styrene. Prefer no frame? The Print Wrap, 100% Bamboo, and Standout will suit you well! Take a peek below for more info.

  • 100% Bamboo – Not only is this 100% Bamboo stylish and modern, it’s also eco-friendly. Available in ¾” depth and two gorgeous colors, the Bamboo Mount is a premium alternative to framed Prints.
  • Professional Print Wraps – The most premium Mounting option available today, your Print is laminated and adhered to a wood base. Proprietary machining processes create a finished piece that is ready to display and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Click Here for more information on the Print Wrap.
  • Standout – Add a contemporary and unique spin to your images! Prints are mounted onto a ¾” thick yet lightweight foam. The foam core is finished with a black, plastic band around the edges. This super sleek Standout is finished with a pre-drilled back panel for easy hanging.
  • Matboard – The Matboard Mounting option is available is 1/16” depth for smaller prints, and 1/8” for larger prints. This sturdy backing is a great way to ensure the quality of framed prints over time.
  • Styrene - This premium Mounting option is sturdy enough to be hung directly on the wall, or placed in a frame for your enjoyment. Styrene will not bow or bend over time which makes this the perfect mounting option for all of your prints. (Does not include hanging hardware.)

~ Prints sized 16x20 and larger mounted on double-weight matboard can warp in high humidity and if they're not framed right away. If you don't plan on framing enlargements, styrene is highly recommended.

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