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Creating A Unique Experience Through Teamwork

jrey-spokesmodels-025As photography becomes more accessible for everyone, it is important as a photography business owner to find your voice and discover what makes you unique. As a photographer who specializes in high school senior portraits, one way I do this is through my spokesmodel program. I love having the opportunity to exceed a client’s expectations and blow them away. But who said you have to do this alone? Finding like-minded small businesses to team up with will not only elevate your brand but help you deliver an experience that is unmatched.

My whole spokesmodel program is centered around an editorial magazine shoot. During our shoot this year I worked with 10 spokesmodels, 3 clothing boutiques, 1 stylist, 3 assistants, 4 hair and makeup artists, 1 videographer, and 1 venue owner. That is a total of 24 people coming together to put on one big shoot. It was a team effort that I would not want to do alone!jrey-spokesmodels-070jrey-spokesmodels-076

So what are some of the benefits of working with a team instead of trying to do a big shoot on your own? I am glad you asked!

  1. Minimal Stress – This has to be my number one reason for working with a team. When you have tasks for everyone to do on a big shoot it gives you the opportunity to do what you do best…take pictures! I could not have pulled off this shoot without my stylist Meg B or all my assistants. They all worked together as a team to get all the models styled and dressed, setting up backdrops and sets, and keeping us all on time. Having that type of peace of mind is such a great feeling.jrey-spokesmodels-040
  2. Pushes your creativity – Some times I struggle with being creative and coming up with unique ideas on my own. But having the opportunity to work with someone such as a stylist to help you come up with new ideas pushes you to think outside the box.jrey-spokesmodels-054
  3. Teamwork is fun – As photographers we get used to working primarily alone most of the time. So anytime I have the chance to actually work with other people, I LOVE it. It feels good to be apart of a team and do something together rather than alone. I think that is just the way we are hard wired. Having people around cheering and supporting each other is such a wonderful feeling to have on a long day.jrey-spokesmodels-058
  4. Unique Experience – Doing a shoot at this magnitude doesn’t come along often and takes a lot of prep work. In the end all of use coming together to pull this shoot off created a unique experience for us all that we all enjoyed and appreciated.jrey-spokesmodels-024
  5. Teamwork Creates Community and Friendships – I think one of the things that warms my heart the most about doing this spokesmodel program is watching new friendships bloom between these girls. They are all so loving and encouraging to each other through this whole experience and it is fun watching them bond. I also love working with boutiques and an amazing hair and makeup studio for this shoot because it benefits us all!jrey-spokesmodels-028

After speaking with all my spokesmodels after our editorial magazine shoot, one of the key things I heard from all of them is how much fun they had all day. All these spokesmodels come from different backgrounds and different interests and they all worked together to build each other up and make this day memorable. Being able to deliver this type of experience that they will never forget means the world to me.jrey-spokesmodels-090

– Jared Rey,

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