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Cheers to New Beginnings!

This month we asked you, the pro photography community, what new endeavors you were undertaking to grow as business owners, artists, and people. We were simply overwhelmed by the ambition and positivity that you shared with us, and with each other.


Cheers to New Beginnings // Photographer Resolutions by Artsy Couture


If you’re thinking about making a change for the better this season, check out our collection of exciting resolutions from creative professionals across the country:


“I am opening a studio location this month! We have been working hard to get it all set up and ready for clients. This is a huge step for my business and I am so excited to see where it takes me. I am fortunate that my best friend is also a photographer, and we are doing this together.”

Cheryl L.



“I’m working on beautiful newborn custom art pieces. At a shoot, I am trying to imagine this as an actual piece of art in their home instead of just a photo that they will keep on the hard drive. We are also starting in-person sales after 10 years of being too scared!

Kelly H.



“This month I’m focusing on getting more training, as I am a self-taught photographer. I want to really up my skill so I can get the clients that really value what I have to offer. I am investing in my photography so I can be confident in what I have to offer. I also hope to find my niche in what kind of photography to focus on. I know that in the future I would like to transition to black and white film photography. I am really into classic and vintage and miss the days when we had to wait to see what we captured. We trusted in our instinct to know what made a great picture with out taking the same shot more than once. I want to have the skill to capture the beauty in natural lighting. I look forward to the journey to growing to be a great photographer!”

Kristal M.



“I am reaching for my business goals and stretching my limits. I’m transitioning into IPS with beautiful products (including Artsy Couture albums). I’m launching into the scary world of vendor shows to network with other businesses and promote my work. I’m stretching my limits as an artist with new and exciting model calls and art pieces.”

Rachelle S.



“I’ve been a wedding photographer for years, and am finally going to offer albums and packages. Looking to take my business to the next level and offer higher end products.”

Renee W.



“I’m offering new products AND so excited to use the new garden I’ve spent so much time on in my backyard for newborn shoots!”

Kate G.



“The next few months I’m going to work harder to master the OCF [off-camera flash] thing! As a self-taught photographer, the hardest part of learning a new element in photography is just making the time to learn. I’m a mother of three beautiful children and work part time, so juggling everything is crazy!”

Lori H.



“I’m transitioning to more playful sessions instead of posed sessions. What’s more fun than a little girl twirling in the springtime blossoms?

Casey Rae H.



“Starting today, I am making the switch to ONE specialty (senior photography) instead of doing a little of everything. It’s time to be a master of something instead of a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ and master of none! Wish me LUCK!”

Tiffany S.



“I am going to be working more on my travel photography…working on photo essays that i can submit with travel articles for magazines. I want to land more covers!”

Theresa S.



“I’m trying a whole new state out as my backdrop! Our family moved halfway across the country last month. Louisiana is our new home state now!”

Melissa B.



“I’m finally focusing on what I love and not just what pays the bills. I adore maternity, newborn, and children, and am focusing this year on building more of a portfolio in those areas. I have also started making a lot of my own props!”

Megan L.



“New adventures in marketing – got to build that brand, baby! This includes new locations, fresh concepts, and a shiny new perspective on my art.”

Jennifer P.



“Our sunflower farm is now in bloom and I can’t wait to try it out for my Class of 2017 seniors. I really want to seek out new locations for my seniors and couples so that every picture I take will represent the person/people in every way possible.”

Nataleigh F.


“I am starting to think more of what my clients desire, and to offer packages that help moms with what they need (and what they want)!”

Shanna-Kaye F.



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