Building Your Business, Fearless Females

Introducing Artsy’s Fearless Females Campaign

Artsy Couture has long supported women in the creative industry. From professional photographers to business entrepreneurs, women-led businesses are a critical part of our world and Artsy wants to continue to show our support.

Starting in September 2018, Artsy Couture will feature a new forward-thinking woman in our monthly spotlight on Fearless Females. We will be highlighting exciting stories of women who have grown a successful business or who apply art and creativity to her professional career. Entrants are encouraged to apply from all industries, from Real Estate to Academics, Artists to Engineers; incorporating creativity and art in day-to-day work is not exclusive to one role.

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Are you inspired by creativity? We’re looking for those who exude our pillars of success:

  • Exceptional client experience in all you do.
  • High-quality results.
  • Thought leadership and innovation in your endeavors.

Submission Criteria:

  • Manage or own a business in a creative field, and/or apply art and creativity to enhance your professional career.
  • Empower other women through mentorship, partnerships, or via professional organizations.

Submit an application for yourself or someone you know no later than the 15th of the month. Applications are rolling.



Each monthly winner will receive:

  • $500 in Artsy Couture Lab Credit
  • Feature Spotlight on the Artsy Blog
  • Featured Gallery on Artsy Blog (if applicable)
  • Spotlight in Artsy Newsletter
  • Spotlight in Monthly Winner’s Email
  • Spotlight on Social Media Pages: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Links back to website


  • $100 in Artsy Couture Lab Credit
  • Spotlight in Monthly Email / Website

Honorable Mention:

  • Spotlight in Monthly Email / Website


We’re starting off our campaign with three amazing candidates for the month of September.

  1. Lauren Nievod (Professional Photographer, Baltimore, MD) – Lauren Nievod Photography
    • In just three short years, Lauren established her own successful Wedding Photography business in Baltimore, Maryland. She now photographs over 30 weddings and engagement shoots annually. Lauren is always looking to further her photography skills, look at the world in a different light and learn from industry leaders. She often attends networking events with other photographers as well as creative minds.
  2. Elizabeth Melara (Landscape Architect, San Francisco, CA) – Watercolor & Ink
    • By day – Landscape Architect, by night – watercolor artist. Elizabeth has transformed her passion and love for watercoloring into a business in just a few short years. Her enthusiasm started in high school, where she learned to hone in on her skills, and they further progressed during her college years. She has been able to transform her watercolor and artwork, using her love for painting as an outlet from her day-to-day work to create truly breathtaking pieces of artwork. Elizabeth now sells her art on Etsy, at tradeshows, and with Artsy Couture.
  3. Michelle Goodman (Empowerment Coach & Meditation Teacher, Baltimore, MD) – My Empowered Bliss
    • Michelle is a licensed acupuncturist and empowerment coach for moms and entrepreneurs in the Maryland region and beyond. She has helped to improve the mind, body, and spirit of countless female business leaders, mothers, and other individuals. Michelle embraces creativity by incorporating beautiful artwork and imagery in her spaces as a way for her clients to relax, creating a truly calming environment and a one-of-a-kind experience.



Participating in Artsy’s Fearless Females campaign is easy. Here are three ways you can support candidates:

Gallery Block Throwback Winners
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