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DIY Glitter Pumpkins

Happy Halloween from the Artsy Girls!

Once the costumes have been put away, the spiderwebs have been cleaned up, and the candy’s been gobbled (or stashed away for later), what to do with those pumpkins outside on the stoop? Our suggestion: add glitter, of course!


Gold glitter pumpkins

Our DIY Glitter Pumpkin project is a quick, fun, easy, and sparkly way to extend the life of your Halloween pumpkins throughout the fall. Here are our five simple steps to creating your own glamorous fall decor that will delight for the rest of the season:


Pumpkins, paint brushes, glitter, metallic paint, and plastic bowls

What you’ll need:


Paint brushes (1 ½” and ½” recommended)

Metallic acrylic paint

Glitter of choice

Brown craft paper

Paper towels & plastic bowls


Step 1:

Purchase the perfect pumpkins. Wash any excess dirt off of each pumpkin, and dry completely with a paper towel. QUICK TIP: Try to find pumpkins with long stems – you’ll need to hold onto them while adding paint and glitter.


Five orange pumpkins

 Step 2:

Pour paint into bowls. Holding the pumpkin’s stem, use the 1 ½” paint brush to cover the pumpkin’s skin completely with 1-2 coats of acrylic paint (depending on opaqueness). Move quickly, so it doesn’t dry! QUICK TIP: Make sure to avoid painting the stem at this point – you’ll need to hold onto it to add glitter.


Painting gold paint onto pumpkin

Step 3: 

(This is the fun part…) Shake glitter evenly on top of the wet paint.


Shaking gold glitter onto painted pumpkin


Shaking gold glitter onto pumpkin


QUICK TIP: To create our cool, “drippy” pumpkin design, pour paint directly from the bottle around the top of the pumpkin, and tilt the pumpkin in alternating directions to create drips. Add glitter, then use the smaller paint brush to remove any extra.


Gold paint dripped pumpkin


Adding glitter to paint dipped pumpkin

Step 4:

Paint the pumpkin stem using the acrylic paint, and set aside to dry.


Gold glitter pumpkins

Step 5:

Repeat with your second color. Paint your pumpkin with the opaque acrylic paint, add glitter, and set aside to dry.


Painting pumpkin with white acrylic paint


White painted pumpkin


Shaking glitter on white painted pumpkin


White and gold glitter pumpkins


Once they’ve dried, it’s time to show off your gorgeous gourds all season long!


Gold and white glitter pumpkins


Gold and white glitter pumpkins


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