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October Fearless Females Winner: Sarah Gupta

We all have a path set ahead for us and, often, we do not know where it is leading or where we are going until we have arrived. For Sarah Gupta, that path has been a colorful journey. It has led her around the country, inspired several career twists and turns, and sent her to the Upper East Side with a family and a budding business bound for greatness. Sarah Gupta is Artsy’s October Fearless Females winner and a very talented artist. Her inspiring story arouses excitement, something we’re delighted to share with our audience.


Growing Up Creative

From a very early age, Sarah Gupta was always encouraged to explore her creative side. Her grandmother was a professional artist for Kaufmann’s Department Store in Detroit and illustrated ads and various marketing materials for the company. She also explored other artist mediums like pottery, painting and drawing. Sarah’s mother saw the talent deep in Sarah and enrolled her into art classes starting at the age of five.

Medicine Lead Love

Over the years, Sarah’s pursuit of art began to transition to more of a hobby. The phrase “starving artist” hit home for her, so she sought fulfillment in other academics as she grew into her teenage years. At the age of 14 (much younger than her counterparts!), Sarah was fully immersed into equine veterinary training – out-performing her college-aged classmates and assisting in surgeries at a local horse hospital. It was clear that her direction was heading towards veterinary school.

It was at Penn State University, while studying pre-veterinary medicine, where Sarah realized that she lost her ambition to pursue Large Animal Medicine. However, she was still interested in the sciences and medicine and sought out the field of research in the basic sciences. Enter: Sarah’s husband.

Redefining Yourself

The moment you meet the love of your life, everything changes. For Sarah, what she thought she was passionate about wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“My whole being up to this point was about being a vet. I felt like a lost soul in science now.”

Sarah and her husband soon realized that their life would be a journey of medical schools and academics, with her husband working diligently on his PhD and moving onto a post-doctoral program. What was Sarah to do now? For a short time, she stayed in the medical field and studied at another research lab in Ohio. It was at Case Western Reserve University, working towards getting her masters, that Sarah started picking up her creative hobbies again. But, life has a way of throwing curve-balls. After just a few years in Cleveland, Sarah, her husband moved to Minnesota for another change of pace so her husband could continue his career at the Mayo Clinic. Now settled in Minnesota, the Gupta family underwent another change. Enter: A beautiful baby boy. Now a mother, and no longer a vet but still a scientist, Sarah had some big decisions to make in her new home.

Back to Basics

It didn’t take long for Sarah to realize that her creative bucket needed filling. As a formally trained graphite and oil painter, she had never considered photography as an option. However, it was the birth of her son and wanted to document all their amazing moments together that drove her towards a camera.

“I realized that I could still create an amazing piece of artwork through a lens.”

It took Sarah a few years of practice and training to really define her voice and creative style, but after seven years of having Sarah Gupta Photography, she has finally been able to hone in on her favorite form of photography. For Sarah, photography is now more than just a photo – it’s a way for her to express herself and a moment in time. While she loves macro-photography], she also recognizes that her subjects can be much more.

Now, Sarah uses photography to tell a story. She enjoys the process of using lighting and a subject, combined with a simple subject focus, to pull a viewer in. The focus is always on where the light is hitting and how emotions are being conveyed through the image.

What’s Next?

In the beginning of Sarah’s photography career, she worked on a variety of subjects and interests. This included weddings and pet photography. Now, she has defined an artistic style and is building her business as a teacher and mentor for budding photographers. As a Click and Co Mentor and Teacher, she has learned how to help other photographers harness their artistic and creative tone into a photo. She also loved the process of helping other photographers find their inspiration.

Presently, Sarah has a defined artistic style as an environmental lifestyle and portrait photographer and is building her business as a mentor and educator for aspiring photographers. Sarah’s next steps include developing a workshop program and training classes for new photographers.

Are you interested in learning more from Sarah? Visit her website to get started on your path to photography greatness!

Sarah Gupta leaves us with these 5 tips for the aspiring photographer to help them find their own creative vision:
1. Shoot A LOT. As many frames as you can. Don’t shoot to fit into a specific mold that you think you should be in or what the latest trend in photography may be.
2. Take classes and workshops from a variety of photographers. It is important that you learn from a variety of photographers, even if your styles do not mirror each other. You will always take something away with you. Also look at other art forms, like paintings or sculptures. Study how the artist uses light and color to transform their artwork.
3. Choose a Mentor or photographer that you admire. However, it is important that this person does not influence you to become a clone of them. They should push you to become your own self.
4. Pay close attention to the world around you. What are your tastes and preferences? This may include your favorite colors, locations and seasons! When you understand the technical aspect of photography and parallel that with your passions, your visual voice will shine through.
5. Take as much time as you need, do not rush yourself and do not compare yourself to others. This world is heavily saturated with photographers and its very easy to compare yourself. We all do it but you need to constantly remind yourself that you are your own person and offer a unique and different perspective.


Artsy Couture has long supported women in the creative industry. From professional photographers to business entrepreneurs, women-led businesses are a critical part of our world and Artsy wants to continue to show our support.

Starting in September 2018, Artsy Couture will feature a new forward-thinking woman in our monthly spotlight on Fearless Females. We will be highlighting exciting stories of women who have grown a successful business or who apply art and creativity to her professional career. Entrants are encouraged to apply from all industries, from Real Estate to Academics, Artists to Engineers; incorporating creativity and art in day-to-day work is not exclusive to one role.

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