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3 Steps to Printing Instagram Photos


Picking your favorite photo(s) to share on social platforms is no easy task.  You’ve got to consider who is looking at your post, what is appealing to your audience and the timing of your post.  Once you have posted your photo(s), what then? Do you print them for your office or share on a gallery wall for everyone else to see?


As a professional photo lab, and advocate of preserving precious moments, we can’t sit back and watch our favorite memories be deleted.  Start bringing personalization back to your home and office by printing who you love, what inspires you and why you wake each day.


We’ve setup an easy 3-steps to print your Instagram photos approach to getting your favorite shots from Instagram printed and in your hands quickly for under $20.  Ready?  You’ll want to take some notes:


Step 1: Find your favorite ‘grams and save!


There are a variety of ways to migrate your favorite Instagram photos to a print format, but we’re sticking with the most simple, download and save from a reputable website.  You’ll have access to these photos and be able to share both digitally and via print at any time in the future. is our go-to, quick and easy way to save high-resolution files of your favorite Instagram images.  Start by copying the share URL of the Instagram post and paste into the download bar on DownloadGram.  This website is simple, easy enough for even the most novice computer user.


→ Visit:



Step 2: Upload to Artsy Couture

Don’t have an Artsy Couture account?  Signing up takes minutes.  Get started!


Online ordering is easier than ever with the new Artsy Couture website portal.  We have automated our upload process so you can drag and drop photos and upload from any device or computer.  Once you’re ready to go, you just need to pick the size print you’d like and upload.  It’s that easy.

Step-by-Step Upload Process:

  1. Create a folder with all of your favorite photos
  2. Save the folder on your desktop or in an easy-grab location
  3. Visit our website below to begin your order
  4. “Create Now” will direct you to the photo builder.  Here you can switch formats, add multiple images and check-out.

→ Visit:

Having trouble?  Visit our Support page or contact Customer Service for additional help.

3. Hang & Admire!


Once you’ve placed your order, just sit back and await the arrival of your package.  Artsy Couture Professional Photo Prints are ready within 24-48 business hours and can be shipped anywhere in the world (yes, that’s right…anywhere!).


Our favorite Instagram print sizes are:

  • 4×4” from $0.40 / each
  • 8×8” from $1.80 / each
  • 20×20” from $15.50 /each

Have a loved one you want to share some joy with?  Send them a pack of 10 for under $10.

No matter the photo(s) you end up selecting, or who they are printing them for, Professional Photo Prints are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any space or wall.  Have any great ideas on what to DO with professional prints?  Submit your tips today and you may be featured on our next Artsy Blog post!


Create your own photo prints today by visiting our website!


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