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Dos and Don’ts of New Year’s Eve Photography

New Year's Eve Photographer

‘Tis the season to be festive! One of our very favorite holidays is coming up this week…New Year’s Eve! The bubbles, the sparkles, the kisses at midnight…what’s not to love?


We are all about photographing the most glamorous night of the year, and we have a feeling some of you are, too. Check out our list of Dos and Don’ts of New Year’s Eve Photography, and let us know how they work for your sparkling soiree!




1. Make a quick list.

No matter how long we spend preparing, it always seems like a great New Year’s Eve celebration is over in a flash. Make sure you get each of the shots you want the most by drafting a quick list before the party starts. Then, no matter what your champagne intake looks like, you’ll still have a reference to keep you on track.


2. Try a new angle.

In the spirit of all things “new,” try a different composition from what you’re used to. Capture the party from above, to show your fellow guests a new perspective, or try a wider shot to capture everyone’s full outfits – it’s one of the only nights of the year when everyone will be dressed to the nines.


3. Bring a tripod.

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve bash as a guest, don’t you want to actually be in a few of the photos? Even if you’re attending as a paid photographer, you’ll love having a tripod to keep the camera extra still when capturing fireworks or confetti falling at midnight.


4. Put the bright, sparkly lights behind you.

Make sure your subjects aren’t overtaken by shadows by putting the twinkly lights behind you.


New Year's Eve party photography tips




1. Use the on-camera flash.

In the low, indoor light, you’ll most likely want to avoid the on-camera flash (no matter how tempting it may be to use it). The harsh flash will wash out faces in photos taken at night, and it could disrupt the candid fun happening before your eyes.


2. Forget to protect your camera.

No matter how careful you are during the other 364 days of the year, New Year’s Eve can tend to get pretty “festive,” pretty fast. Be prepared for the unexpected champagne shower by ensuring your camera is stored in a totally safe place when you’re not holding it.


3. Let the details get lost.

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or attending the fete of a friend, you don’t want to forget the little details that make the event so memorable. Find a reasonably solid-colored background (such as a tablecloth or even a guest’s dress), and take a few shots of the decor, accessories, or party favors before the night is over.


4. Miss midnight!

Set an alarm on your cell phone for 15-30 minutes from midnight to make sure there’s room on your memory card, your batteries are charged, and your position is set for the big moment. You’ll be glad you had the time to prepare when you’re looking over your perfect photos the next day.


How did these tips work for you? Use hashtag #Artsy2016 to share your favorite New Year’s Eve shots with us on Instagram, and your photo will be featured in our next blog post!


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