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5 Tips for Your Next Mommy & Me Photography Session

Guest post by Valerie B. of Sew Trendy Accessories:


Mommy and Me photo session


We couldn’t be more excited about the new trend of “Mommy and Me” photo sessions! These photo shoots give moms the fabulous opportunity to have a lasting reminder of their special relationship they have with their kids.


Since they’re such a new concept, it’s important to have the four Ws covered before scheduling a mommy and me session:


1.WHY schedule a Mommy & Me session?


When children look back through photos of their childhood, will they find photos of them together with their mother? It is not uncommon for moms to spend most of their time behind the camera, capturing special moments of their family, but missing out on the opportunity to be in the photos themselves.


It is for this reason that we are seeing the popularity of mommy & me photo sessions grow. Educate your clients on the value of professional photos with your kids, and show them just how much fun they can have in the process.


Once they’ve scheduled a session, ask your clients if they’ve booked the shoot for a special occasion, as this can help inform your location and wardrobe choices.


Mommy and Me Photo Session

2. WHERE to shoot?


Ask your clients to describe the photos they love. Are they peaceful, light, and airy? Are they bold, bright, and full of laughter?


Do they have a whimsical theme? Are they at home or somewhere else?


Their answers to these questions should get your wheels turning. Mommy and Me sessions are often some of the most creative within a photographer’s portfolio. Turn an empty field into a golden, glittering backdrop, or turn a rose bush into a secret garden! You’re the artist, and this is your chance to let your creativity shine.



Mommy and Me Photo Session

3. WHEN to start


Kids’ schedules are totally different from adults’ schedules. Although photographers want to capture that perfect light during the golden hour, some younger kids may be accustomed to going to bed at that time.


Make sure you schedule a shoot during a time when the child isn’t normally napping or preparing for bedtime, as they’ll have less energy (and patience) during the shoot.



Mommy and Me Photo Session


4. WHAT to wear


Whereas traditional family sessions are more commonly focused on capturing a slice of your clients’ “real life,” Mommy & Me shoots are great opportunities for you and your clients to step out of the box. Themed sessions are popular with both kids and moms, and they give your clients a chance to see themselves as they never have before!


Keep in mind that if you choose a remote, natural location for your shoot, your clients may want to bring a change of clothes and/or shoes for the hike.



Mommy and Me Maternity Photo Session

5. WHAT to bring


Don’t forget that you’re dealing with kids here! Make sure your clients know not to show up to the shoot without having eaten first. It’s a good idea to bring some extra snacks and water with you, just in case you get some rumbling tummies while you’re photographing.


Another way to keep kids happy during the shoot is to bring a small board game, ball to play catch with, or doll set on location.


Most importantly, bring your A game. Clients who feel that their photographer is calm, prepared, and totally in control of the session will feel the least amount of stress, and that carefree feeling will shine through in their photos.



Mommy and Me Professional Photography Session


These moments don’t last forever. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch them while you can!


Special thanks to Jessi V. Photography, Sammy Gonzalez Photography, Belly Beautiful Portraits, and Bailey Smith Photography for the images featured in this post.


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