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15 Photo Book Ideas For Every Special Moment

Humans have been telling their own stories through the dawn of time. From carvings on cave walls to parchments and scrolls that share our oldest memories, recording life has been a tradition that spans centuries. We have some creative ideas for how you can start your own one-of-a-kind book for the moments you’ve created. Our 15 photo book ideas to commemorate every special moment:

  1. Record Recipes.

    Take your favorite recipes and record them in a recipe book truly unique to your tastes, with photos and sweet anecdotes to match! Here is one of our favorite design tools to get you started. We recommend an 8.5×11” Portrait Lustre Cover Lay Flat Semi-Gloss Photo Book. This will give you enough space to savor your sweetest treats while still protecting it during cooking escapades.


  2. Family Tree Photo Book.

    Want to introduce your little ones to the rest of the family, but you’re limited by distance (and social quarantines)? Put together a family tree of your entire family, include names and a fun fact about each family member. Your little ones will love to flip the pages with their favorite aunties and will know their name by next FaceTime!

  3. Book of Lessons Learned.

    All great home-school curriculum culminates in a final project. What better way to celebrate these achievements than by printing a special book to highlight the stories of the semester, both big and small.

  4. Archive Great Moments.

    Remember that trip to Hawaii you took ten years ago? Or the Disney World adventure you meticulously captured but haven’t seen since? Great those great moments printed so you can relive them and share with the family for a lifetime to follow. Our favorite adventure photo book is a 12×12” Cloth Cover, Lustre Paper Photo Book. The pages are perfect painting a colorful story with sufficient space to use ALL your photos.


  5. Tell a Tale.

    Have a story you’ve been wanting to tell? Be your own publisher + put it in print! Better yet, create a fill in the blank book for the reader to dream-up their own endings. 


  6. Artwork Portfolio.

    It’s wonderful to get the first, hand-made design from your little ones. By finger-painting 25, the fridge is full and you’re just hoping to maintain some sort of aesthetic in your home. Take all these fantastic, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork and create a kid’s portfolio. Create a well-lit space to photograph each piece and upload in minutes. Create volumes as they grow older and show their artful progress! Our pick for the portfolio book is the 10×10″ Canvas Photo, Lustre Paper Photo Book. You can customize your cover and binding with artwork that is unique to the artist and time period. 

  7. Four Seasons Coffee Table Book.

    Unlock and upload your inner artist with your very own coffee table book. One of our favorite themes is the four seasons around the world. Select from your very own film roll or check out some amazing, feature your friends favorite finds from Instagram. A Great Coffee Table Book size is the 12×12” or 5×7” Lustre Cover Photo Albums. Perfect to show-off your seasonal photo skills and design aesthetic.


  8. Anniversary Book.

    How better to celebrate the one you love than with a memento of all your amazing moments together. Whether you’ve got college kodaks or wedding portraits, an anniversary book can help tell the story of your love from beginning ‘til death do us part. 


  9. Guest Book.

    From running a B&B to hosting a wedding, Guest Books are a great token of thanks and history for all who participate. 

  10. A-B-Cs Picture Book.

    Create your own A-B-Cs with your kids favorite animals, foods, and friends. This is a great way to familiarize your kids with the alphabet while enjoying a few of their favorite things. We suggest an 8×8” Lustre Photo Lay Flat or Pearl Photo Book. Great for showing off each letter but small enough for your kids to read on their own.


Here are five more ideas that made our “To book or not to book” list:

  • Cocktail Recipe Book
  • Coloring Book
  • Annual Family Yearbook
  • Instagram Book
  • Planner / Notebook

Designing Photo Books on is a Snap! Here is how to get started:

  1. Upload your gallery to
  2. Select your favorite size photo book, cover type and paper
  3. Design either as a single page or full spreads in our easy to use product design tool. 
  4. When you’re ready, preview your photo book and submit for printing!


Having trouble with your order? Check out this useful help center article, which will guide you through the process of designing your book.

Need a little extra help with your design? Here are a few of our favorite tools to use when we’re preparing out next book for it’s big print:

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