We did it! We are now one of the only professional photo labs to be G7 Color Certified...we know, we know, what does that mean? It's a certification that ensures color consistency across EVERY SINGLE piece of machinery with statistical significance...fancy sounding, huh?

Why did we take the last few months to painstakingly perfect our color? Because your work deserves consistent, vibrant, and beautiful results, and we can now 100% guarantee that's exactly what you'll receive!

And while we all know color can be subjective, the key for us is to provide you with repeatable results day-after-day, year-after-year, order-after-order. We are beyond excited with our color results and can now *pinky promise* that you will be too!

So, was it all worth it? You tell us! If your orders color isn't consistent and repeatable, time-after-time, please contact us and we will diligently work for an optimal solution! That's our pinky promise to you. ?



Steps To Perfect Color

Calibrate your Monitor

1. Calibrate your monitor
Monitor calibration is the foundation on which color management is based.
We highly recommend calibrating your monitor. Here at Artsy we use the X-Rite i1Display Pro and set the white point to 6000 Kelvin and 2.2 Gamma. Remember, these are only recommendations, but keep in mind lighting can play a key factor in color management. ?


2. Think sRGB All files being submitted through our ROES ordering software should be in sRGB format. Any other format can be improperly interpreted by our printing equipment and create a less desirable and unacceptable result.

Calibrate your Monitor

3. Download and Soft Proof with our ICC Profiles.
-To ensure what you submit is what we print, please look for the product you’re planning to order from the list below. Click to download the corresponding ICC profile and instructions. Then follow the step-by-step instructions to guarantee the color management is *spot on!* Please note to only use the ICC profiles for soft proofing. All files should remain in sRGB when submitted, do not embed ICC Profiles. - If you prefer to not download our ICC Profiles, we strongly recommend for you to consider allowing our ah-mazing and highly trained color experts to color correct your order. This option is available in our ordering software.

*Please note:
*Our Canvas and Press profiles can only be soft proofed within Photo Shop since they are CMYK profiles. They will not be visible in Light Room. If you have a non calibrated monitor and add our profiles, it will not help your color. Please make sure you are using a calibrated monitor :)

4. File Type and Standards In order to ensure best quality, follow the below guidelines for Jpeg or Tiff files.
  • For Jpeg's:
    • • Image Quality set at: Maximum 12
    • • Format options: Baseline ("Standards")
    • • NO Progressive files
  • For Tiff Files
    • • Image Quality set at 8 Bit/channel
    • • Image Compression set at: None
    • • Pixel Order set : interleaved (RGBRGB)
    • • Byte Order set at: IBM PC

Please, Upload files that are sized to the largest intended print size you plan on ordering. EXAMPLE: If your image file size is 5x7, do not order a 20x30. Also, make sure your resolution is set at 300 PPI.

Tip for true Black & White Prints:
If you desire a true black and white print, make certain it's black and white in your editing program. You can do this by checking your color saturation levels. Please note, any saturation that is left will result with tonality, such as green, blue, red or yellow cast.


Quotes of Color

Meg Bitton

Meg Bitton

"I LOVE my canvases from Artsy. It truly is PERFECTION. From the construction to the perfect colors… every single time I order. I would never consider giving my clients any other canvas."

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman | "When I heard about Artsy's new canvas + color option, I thought there was no way it could replace my love for the pro print gallery blocks I have been referring to clients and personally using for years. But I was so wrong.<br />The richness of color on the canvas and the overall quality of the product has blown me away. It’s a 'fresh' alternative to the traditional canvas look. The canvas + color option has quickly become my new go-to product for both my client walls and my own"

Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

Laura K. Moore Photography | "When I get to the point in my sales consultation where I'm supposed to get all sparkly-eyed and goo goo about the client's fine art being displayed in their home.... I do. Uncontrived. Unabashed. I go for the jugular and show them canvas samples from Artsy and swoon over the way the client’s story would fit into a canvas collection. I hunted far and wide for a canvas company that was tightly wrapped, fully covered firm backing, sturdy, color-popping and eye-catching and I stopped when I was introduced to Artsy' Couture's canvas line. I swooned over every one I have ordered. I bought duplicate copies from other companies for comparison and they didn't stand a chance. Along with Artsy's stellar customer service and their continued commitment for advancement and product development, I am thankful for this company to be a part of my own. Artsy has set a vendor and product bar that is supreme!"

Laura K. Moore Photography

Alycia White | "OMG. I cannot get over how much I LOVE Artsy's canvases! The quality is perfect, the color is so amazing and can we talk about the PRICE for a minute?! Holy cow! Seriously SO glad I switched to Artsy. I'm in love!"

Alycia White

Jared Rey Photography|"I love offering Artsy Couture canvases because of the superior build, color, quality, and presentation I am able to provide to each of my clients."

Jared Rey Photography

Amy Bourne Photography|"I love Artsy Couture's products, and their gallery wraps and gallery blocks look so beautiful hanging in my studio (and in my home!). Clients always comment on how amazing they look. The colors are always rich, vibrant and spot on."

Amy Bourne Photography



-G7- Certification

What Is G7 Exactly?
G7 is a set of international standards for calibrating print machinery and proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. The G7 methodology uses the grayscale balance as the driving force for achieving visual similarity and excellence across all print processes and therefore letting us as a printer stay consistent and optimal across all product lines.

Why Should I Print With A G7 Certified Lab?
The G7 certification is the most sought-after recognition in the printing industry and signifies that the company you are working with has successfully proven themselves capable of providing the highest quality and most consistent printing processes.

Who Qualifies A Lab To Be G7 Certified?
The G7 program is managed by a not-for-profit global association of leading print and electronic media service providers, named IDEAlliance.

G7 Certified